What Is Eat Well & Keep Moving?

Eat Well & Keep Moving, Second Edition is a complete curriculum that helps academic, physical education, and health education teachers guide upper elementary school students in these areas:

  • Learning about nutrition and physical activity while building skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • Understanding how health behaviors are interrelated.
  • Choosing healthy foods, increasing physical activity, and limiting TV and other screen time.

What Information Is on This Web Site?


For a detailed description of using Eat Well & Keep Moving and to view sample lesson plans, click on Program Overview.

If you are a teacher, click on Teacher Information to learn more about teacher training opportunities, view sample lesson plans, and see how Eat Well & Keep Moving matches up to the curriculum frameworks for all 50 states. You'll also find out more about how Eat Well & Keep Moving can benefit you and your students.

If you are a food services manager staff member, click on Food Service Information to learn more about food service training opportunities, to download the food service implementation manual for Eat Well & Keep Moving, and to see links to Web resources on school food service, nutrition, and other topics.

If you are a parent or guardian, or if you are looking for materials to use with parents or guardians, click on Parent Information on the navigational bar. Here you will find fact sheets and newsletter articles on the topics covered in Eat Well & Keep Moving.

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